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Thank you for your interest in Virtual Assistant services!

My Virtual Assistant services are charged at a competitive and very reasonable rate of $45 per hour. This applies to web site design & maintenance, e-Commerce configuration, E-mail distribution, article distribution, branding materials, print media creation and other miscellaneous Virtual Assistance tasks.

There may be very few occasions where outsourcing a task or project may be necessary, in which case costs must be discussed with regard to the fees charged by any outside service. Special development and programming is priced at a higher rate, depending upon the desired functionality. A cost proposal is submitted upon request for such projects, after consultation.

In some instances, a flat rate may be agreed upon for a special project or particularly large task.

To purchase pre-paid blocks of virtual assistant services time, click here.

Ask about affiliate commissions for referring paid Virtual Assistance clients!

How it Works:

Virtual assistance hours are purchased on a retainer basis. There is no minimum purchase required, and no expiration on these hours. However, hours are non-refundable, so it's best to determine what you will need before purchasing paid blocks of time.

If you are in need of a great deal of virtual assistant work, consider taking advantage of one of our special retainer package offers, which afford lower hourly rates for larger numbers of hours purchased.

Available special retainer package offers:

Package #1: $1,000 for 25 hours, (equals $40 per hour)
Package #2: $1,995 for 57 hours, (equals $35 per hour)
Package #3: $3,000 for 100 hours, (equals $30 per hour)

These packages can mean HUGE savings for those needing virtual assistance on an ongoing basis!

To purchase pre-paid blocks of virtual assistant services time, click here.

Why Virtual Assistant Services are a Cost-Effective Solution for You:

While the hourly rate to hire a Virtual Assistant may be higher than that of an in-office assistant, the overall cost is considerably lower than maintaining an office and hiring a year-round employee, with or without benefits. You pay only for the time spent specifically working for you, unlike an office setting where the timeclock keeps running even when employees are socializing at the watercooler or making personal phone calls.

If you have a specific project in mind for which you would like pricing information to hire a Virtual Assistant, please feel free to request a quote for Virtual Assistant Service and I will respond to you directly with an estimate of cost.

For an overview of available Virtual Assistance services, please visit my Virtual Assistant services page.

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